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A complete study service for the aircraft engineer

Licence By Post offers world-wide coverage distance learning programmes designed to allow you to study for the EASA Part 66 licence.

The programmes are cost effective allowing progress through the course at you own pace in the comfort of your own home, without the problems of travel, finding accommodation etc.

A model time-table is provided but this you can change to suit your requirements.

When you enrol (purchase your study programme) you will receive:

LBP can be contacted by letter, phone, fax and email on any matter relating to the module/s being studied. If you have a query regarding the question papers or want some technical point cleared-up then LBP is there to help.

Many good reasons why studying with Licence By Post makes it a good choice

  1. Cost effective. Our cost cutting exercise has made our courses even better value for money – with no reduction in quality.
  2. Study books available in hard copy (A4 bound study books) and soft copy (CD) PDF format.
  3. Study programmes used world-wide by aircraft operators, colleges, universities and governments.
  4. Support from LBP should it be needed.
  5. Study material specifically written for the EASA Part 66 syllabus.
  6. Study material kept up-to-date.
  7. Study in comfort where-ever you are. No travel or accommodation problems.
  8. Specialist qualified authors/tutors.
  9. In course assessments with each set of module study books/CD complete with answers.

The Course

Enrolment is automatic once you have purchased one (or more) of our module study book sets/CD.

Each module covers the syllabus as laid down in EASA Part 66 and the study material is sent out at the beginning of the course in one or more mailings.

The student can contact the LBP office at any time to discuss any problems.

About 2 months before completion of studying the module, the student applies to the CAA for the examination (examination application forms, dates and venues supplied by LBP).

After passing the first module (or modules) the studying of the next module is commenced and the cycle is repeated until all the modules are passed.

A recommended time-table is provided for each module/set of modules. This can be changed by the student to suit his/her requirements.

For those who wish to study for the Essay Examinations we provide an EE programme for all the modules involved with the essay examinations (modules 7 and 9). These come complete with our answers – these should be taken as a guide to the completeness of an answer the CAA would expect and should not be remembered by rote as the CAA do not like remembered/copied essay answers.

The Study Material

Written specifically to cover the EASA Part 66 licence syllabus. The study books are compiled and kept up-to-date by the authors/tutors and designed to be understood by the ‘home reader’. Copyright clearance has been obtained from many or the world’s leading aircraft and component manufacturers. Books/CDs are used by some of the world’s airlines as their standard study material.

Keeping Up-to-date

We are always in the process of up-dating our study material. Because of the ever changing technology and the continuously changing CAA examination requirements our study material is always in the process of being up-dated/rewritten.

These chances also incorporate any changes in the syllabus, as was the case when JAR66 changed to EASA Part 66 and when changes occurred in 2011/2012.

Note. A word of warning about our old books. We have been publishing these since the JAR66/Part 66 started and there are lots of our older study books ‘out there’, with many being used by several people over the years. If you are using our old material it is important to remember that it might be out-of-date; significant facts might have changed which the CAA ask questions on and using the books might put the reader at risk of failure of the CAA examinations. If you are using our old material do contact us to check on each book’s current amendment state (issue number shown in bottom right hand corner of each book).

Amendment Service

We provide an amendment service for establishments that have purchased our study material for their libraries/student use.  Please contact LBP for details.


On the purchase of your first module/modules you will be allocated a student number which you should quote in all correspondence with LBP.

You will receive the study books or CD for the appropriate modules. You will also receive:

Those who order the study books will also receive a ring folder (with logo) with all orders over £50-00.

In-course Assessments

Our in-course assessments are set by the authors/tutors. They are designed to be at least as difficult as the CAA examinations and follow the same style and marking standard. The number of questions in each assessment reflects the size of the module and each paper/sets of papers consists of more questions than those on the CAA papers. This ensures a more complete coverage of the subject.

Each module is sent out with in-course assessments (as appropriate) as follows:

EASA Essay (EE)
Programme (A & B)
  A B  
1 1 1  
2 1 1  
3 1 1  
4 - 1  
5 1 1  
6 1 1  
7A 3 4 1
8 1 1  
9A 1 1 1
11A 4 4  
11B   4  
12   4  
13 - 13  
14 - 1  
15 2 3  
16 1 1  
17A 1 1  

The EE Programme

The EE programme is sent out with the appropriate module programme (modules 7 and 9), but may be purchased separately for those wishing to study the essays only (ideally after having already passed the appropriate module multi choice paper).

The EE programme consists of tuition on the technique of answering the essay questions. The CAA require a particular style in the answers to their questions and this style (technique) has to be learnt. Our programme includes all the details you need to know about the technique and all the essay questions that have been used for that particular module with coverage as follows:

In all, the programme includes all the information necessary to learn the technique of answering the CAA essay questions and also includes a comprehensive set of essay questions.


These have been kept stable for many years in spite of rising costs.  Please go to the Prices page or the Ordering page for details.

Overseas Students

Our courses are ideal for those who live/work outside the UK. All mailings are sent courier/airmail.

For entry visa, application forms may be required from the Home Office Immigration Directorate. Visa application forms should be sent (together with all supporting documentation as stated on the form) to the Immigration Office. Remember to include a copy of the letter from the CAA specifying your exam date and venue.

Further information can be found in our Contacts page.


A good command of English is essential for a successful outcome when taking the CAA examinations. All UK CAA examinations (and all LBP exams) are held in English. If any LBP student requires assistance with English then he/she should contact the LBP office.


If you suffer from dyslexia then a medical certificate sent to the CAA prior to the examination will mean that the CAA will allow some extra time for the examinations.



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