About Licence By Post

Formed by a group of college aeronautical engineering lecturers in 1992 to provide distance-learning material, initially, for the UK CAA Licence Without Type Rating (LWTR), then changed to the JAR66 and now called EASA Part 66.

Formed in 1992 ...
by 2008 we had
passed our 4000th

With strict budgetary control, prices where able to be fixed at a rate well below other providers in the field. Within the price structure we were able to provide a greater range of services than was formally available to include an assessment programme.

In August 2009 we underwent a review of our pricing structure in order to help in the light of the, then, economic climate.  This meant that we managed to reduce our prices and still maintain the same service. (See the Prices and Ordering pages.)

In 2012 we introduced the option of purchasing the study material on CD in PDF format.

All of the authors for the aircraft subjects have a practical aeronautical engineering background and some are also graduates of the Open University so are well placed to understand the problems that our students might have associated with home study.

The authors are either licensed, aeronautical engineering lecturers and/or degree qualified in their respective specialities.

Our initial goals, in terms of student enrolments, were modest, but demand meant that by September 1998 we had passed our 1000th student and by August 2008 we had passed our 4000th student with some of the worlds major airlines using our services.  The first person in the UK to obtain a JAR66 licence was ‘one of ours’ – Jon Harris in 1999, licence number 100001.  Jon did all his studies with us and was presented with his licence at a special ceremony at the CAA headquarters at Gatwick.

We now have a
student population
covering the globe

We now have a student population (4600+) covering the globe, from Iceland to Japan, Brazil, The Americas, the Caribbean, The Middle East, Europe, Africa, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, former Eastern Block countries and even the Antarctic (one lad over-wintered there – on a survey – and took our study programmes with him).

Airlines/operators that have used/are using our services include Air Malta, Avionicare, Avtech, Bristow Helicopters, British Midland, Cathay Pacific, Channel Express, FRA, Gill Aviation, Hawker Beechcraft, Hunting Aviation, IDS, Jet Support, KLM, Liat Antigua, Maya Airways Belize, Metro Business Aviation, Raytheon, Sabah Air Malaysia, Serco, St Vincent Grenadines Air, VT Aerospace and Singapore Air Force.

We had a substantial input into the writing of JAR66 (re-titled EASA Part 66) and in-fact we were the biggest single contributor in Europe to this major amendment.

More changes have occurred to the syllabus since (in 2011/2012).

We have grown to be an altruistic student centred organisation with the requirements of our customers (present and future) always in mind.  We are centred on you the engineer and are happy to give advice on any subject relating to careers in civil aircraft maintenance engineering.


We have an all electronic office with Tony the course director, and Anne the accounts controller at the hub of operations.

All operations are controlled from ‘the office’ including mailings, timetabling, typing, logistics etc.

Our authors are all specialists in their particular subject areas and include licensed engineers in the industry and lecturers in aeronautical engineering.  Many, including the Course Director, have had contact with the CAA (on a formal and informal basis) for over 40 years.  Current authors:


  Brian - Lecturer, avionics, instruments and electrics. Bob

Bob - Teacher, mathematics and physics.
Tony - Lecturer, course director, airframes, jet engines, propellers, mathematics, physics, human factors and air law.
  Robert - Engineer and pilot. Specialist in light aircraft maintenance. Tutor for Piston Engines and Propellers.  

We have an on-going requirement to expand our tutor/author base and if you feel you have the necessary background, on any of the module subjects, and feel you might make a good tutor then do give us a call/email.