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Where a price window shows no price it means that we are in the process of putting that programme together.  If you would like an overview, please take a look at our Prices page.  Otherwise, Contact LBP for latest information.

The titles of the modules are our own descriptive titles (to save space) and for the full EASA title you should refer to the web area headed About Licences.

For convenience, modules 6 and 7 have been divided into those required for the avionic person and those required by the mechanical person.  Remember, for the avionic engineer you should take the B1 level examination if you intend later to apply for the B1 licence.

For details of conversion modules needed, please contact us or the CAA.

Remember, category A study material is NOT suitable for the category B licence.




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1    Mathematics
2    Physics
3    Electrical Fundamentals
4    Electronic Fundamentals
5    Digital Techniques / Electronic Instrument Systems
6    Materials & Hardware (B1)
6    Materials & Hardware (B2)
7A    Maintenance Practices (B1)
7A    Maintenance Practices (B2)
8    Basic Aerodynamics
9A    Human Factors
11A    Turbine Aeroplane Aerodynamics, Structures & Systems
11B    Piston Aeroplane Aerodynamics, Structures & Systems
12    Helicopter Aerodynamics Structures & Systems
13    Aircraft Aerodynamics, Structures & Systems (Avionics)
14    Engine Instrument Systems
15    Gas Turbine engine
16    Piston Engine
17A    Propellor
EE79    EASA Essay programme (Modules 7 & 9)
EE7    EASA Essay programme (Module 7)
EE9    EASA Essay programme (Module 9)

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