About Ordering

Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with our order form by clicking on the ‘Order EASA66’ tab at the bottom of this document. A secure window will pop-up displaying the order form – this document will remain in the background.

Make sure you are ordering the correct level of module, that is category A or category B. If you are not sure which ones then go to our Aircraft Licences pages and check out the details.

Using the Form

It is good practice to ensure that you are using the latest version of your web browser for security and features. Popular browsers are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.  Our order form requires JavaScript which is included and normally enabled by default.


Ordering from our website uses industry standard encryption to prevent attacks on sensitive information being transmitted to us, such as credit card details. Unless you have disabled the feature, your browser pops up a prompt to let you know that you are about to view information over a secure connection.  You can view security verification information using tools in your web browser by clicking the padlock next to our web address in the browser's address bar.

We also use a PSP (Payment Service Provider) – an automatic electronic card verification service to further increase the security of credit card payments.

If you are still not happy to transmit your order via the internet you may print the form from your browser by pressing Ctrl + P. Please remember to sign and date the printed document, include the correct payment and send to LBP.

Purchasing Policy

Terms and conditions

  1. Study material will be supplied on CD in pdf format (font – Bookman Old Style) or in hard copy Study Book format (Bookman Old Style) depending on order.
  2. Material on CD will be in pdf format and the recipient is responsible for ensuring that the software in their computer is capable of reading the CD.
  3. All study books/CDs supplied will be our latest issue as our study material is updated regularly.
  4. Orders will be dispatched within 7 days of receipt of order but if this is not possible the purchaser will be informed (by email or telephone) and can cancel if necessary.
  5. Payment is in GBP pounds (£) sterling.
  6. Refunds on orders received and dispatched are not normally allowed.